See dolphins and whales by kayaking out
between Tenerife and La Gomera.

Dolphins and whales natural habitat is located here and we can safely
observe them without disturbing their natural behaviour.

Pilot whale in El Puertito, Tenerife by Kayak

Dolphin & whale watching by kayak every day at 9 AM

We are going to get into the deep sea from El Puertito de Adeje, to meet Pilot Whales and Dolphins pods, as well as loggerhead turtles. We will meet all these animals in their natural habitat. As we are using kayaks, we will also not contaminate the water the animals are living in, while still being able to enjoy their company.

Meet dolphins and whales in their natural habitat

Snorkeling in El Puertito, Tenerife by Kayak

Snorkeling & Kayaking around El Puertito: Diego Hernández Beach and Los Morteros

Every day at 1:30 PM, we go coasting from Puertito to La Caleta. We will see the beautiful beaches Diego Hernández Beach and Los Morteros. It is very easily accessible and enjoyable with crystal clear water. On the picturesque beach you will be able to snorkel and observe the local wildlife.

Pilot whale in El Puertito, Tenerife by Kayak

Rent a kayak and go freestyle!

Explore the beautiful landscape from El Puertito by yourself with our kayaks! Come by and I will give you an introduction into our kayaks, then you can freely kayak in the El Puertito area. If you have any questions, feel free to call me!

Meet Paris

Hello, my name is Paris. I'm from Tenerife, from a very beautiful little fisherman village in the middle of Tenerife South West, a unique sea bay called El Puertito de Adeje. Since I was a little boy I had a very deep contact with the sea, especially in the area where we are going to kayak. I'm a Tenerife guy, Sea Lifeguard, very well experienced at the sea, who always had the idea to found this company in order to offer you one of the most unique and natural experience you can get by kayak.

How to find me:

The shop is open from sunrise to sunset. You can find me directly next to the restaurant at the El Puertito beach.

Phone 0034 698 617 755

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I'm looking very much forward to welcoming you in El Puertito, Tenerife for your unforgettable Kayak adventure.